France, Rouen, migrant convicted in double homicide

France, Rouen, an illegal African migrant, already convicted of rape and who should have been expelled, on trial this week for the double murder of √Člise and Julien.

Elise Fauvel, 24, and Julien Tesquet, 31, were killed in December 2015. The two young people were strangled at the woman's home in Rouen. The accused, is a 34 old man (Jean-Claude Nsengumukiza) born in Uganda he's Rwanda national.

The trial of Jean-Claude Nsengumukiza begins today. The illegal alien is accused of strangling to death, in December 2015, Elise Fauvel and Julien Tesquet. He also raped Elise. He has already been convicted of rape (in 2011) and should have been expelled upon his release in November 2015.

The two young victims should never have crossed the path of this man.

Claiming sometimes he comes from Rwanda, sometimes from Uganda, in 2009 he burgles an appartment and rapes the 42 years old woman living in. He's sentenced to 8 years in 2011 for rape. Due to "French so-tolerant leftist" justice he only stays 4 years in prison. He should have been sent back to Rwanda at the end of his sentence, but in November 2015, Rwanda still did not respond to the French authorities. Jean-Claude Nsengumukiza was released from prison. A month later, in Rouen, he crosses the path of Elise Fauvel, 24 years old and Julien Tesquet, 31 years old.

The victims were strangled

That night, the young man drank too much and the accused offers to accompany them to Elise's home, Place de la Pucelle (Joan of Arc). The next day, a friend of the two young victims found them dead in the apartment: Elise and Julien were strangled and the young woman was raped. The alleged killer is arrested four days later by the police, during an identity check.

An accused confused by his DNA

The man has always denied the double crime but have been identified by his DNA, video surveillance and the geolocation of his smartphone. The question of the alteration of his discernment will be at the heart of the debate, because he claims to have been "possessed by the devil". (A well known killer's trick to avoid life sentence pretending to be crazy). The accused incurs life imprisonment. (it means 20-30 years in French leftist paradise)


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Location: Rouen, France