Corruption Scandal Rocks Ukrainian Military

Weeks until presidential elections, huge corruption scandal in military procurement have surfaced in Ukraine leading to the people around pro-American president Poroshenko. In their propaganda, Poroshenko's regime portrays itself as a defenders of Ukrainian independence and builders of a strong military. In reality however leadership of the country uses war and suffering of the ordinary people as a means to enrich themselves. It's public secret that corruption flourishes on every level inside Ukrainian military and is in large part responsible for Ukrainian army ineffectiveness, but latest scandal tops those from the past and leads directly to the close friends and associates of the president.

It was revealed that government officials and their relatives are illegally buying weapons and their components in Russia, while publicly accusing Russia of being an aggressor, smuggling them to Ukraine, and then selling those weapons and components to Ukrainian army at several times their original price. Corrupt scheme was revealed by journalist Denys Bihus.

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