Turkish mil. fires Ballistic missile at Kurdish target in Qandil mountains, Iraq-Kurdistan, May 2019

The Qandil Mountains, are a mountainous area of Northern Iraq near the Iraq-Iran border. The region belongs to the Zagros mountain range and is difficult to access, with extremely rugged terrain. The highest peaks reach over 3,000m. The area is notable as a sanctuary and headquarters for the Kurdish group Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Bora is a tactical ballistic missile developed by Turkish company ROKETSAN . Export version is called Khan. It has 610 mm diameter, a length of 7.8 m, a total weight of 2500 kg, and 280 km maximum range. It uses GPS and inertial guidance and its launcher is mounted on a VOLAT 8x8 truck. It carries a 470-kg high-explosive or fragmentation warhead. Accuracy is 30-50 m CEP. It was tested and entered service in May 2017. Bora-2 version with a longer range is under development (wikipedia).



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