Driver crashes into electricity post dragging down eight others in domino effect

This is the terrifying moment a driver who fell asleep at the wheel crashed into an electricity post which pulled down eight others onto parked cars.

Nitikan Srikinpao, 19, told police he nodded off and smashed into the structure in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand on October 10.

The electricity post collapsed onto four cars parked nearby. In a domino effect, eight other posts and the cables then were dragged down.

The reckless driver reportedly tried to escape by reversing out from the carnage but his left arm was broken from the crash so he was not able to drive properly and eventually stopped on a verge.

Dashcam footage shows the truck slamming into the post before the power lines exploded when the high-voltage cables snapped.

A terrified driver who was travelling behind recorded the crash. He said he kept a safe distance from the pickup truck after he noticed it moving erratically.

He said: "I was heading downtown with my friend when I saw the accident. We were shocked but we needed to concentrate on calling emergency services for help.

"I had a hunch the driver was going to cause an accident because he appeared to be speeding and not concentrating on the road.''

Banot called paramedics who rushed the reckless driver to the hospital. Nobody else was injured except the teenage driver.

They also called the fire department because the sparks could catch fire in the area. The Provincial Electricity Authority cut off electricity in the area while repairs were carried out and power was restored after two hours.

Meanwhile, the wreckage on the road was cleared by the fire department after six hours.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sathaphon Phaha, an inspector from Bang Len district police station, arrived at the scene to investigate.

He said: "The road was blocked for about half-a-mile. The driver will be fined as he damaged public property. He said it happened because he was tired and fell asleep.''

Aside from the fines, all the other damage cost will be assessed and billed to the young driver who is still recovering in the hospital.


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