Paramedic dies after crashes into another vehicle

The ambulance that was in a hurry to the hospital caught fire after a collision with a passenger car in the Tambov region. The 35-year-old paramedic was the victim of the accident, which the surveillance camera had taken off, four more people were injured.

The accident occurred at 19:20 on June 17 at the corner of the International and Lenin Street in Morshansk. The driver of the ambulance with the siren and flashing beacons turned on tried to rush through the intersection to the red signal of the traffic light, but then SsangYong running at high speed hit it.

The ambulance, as can be seen in the frames, tipped over on its side and turned around its axis, after which it flew out onto the pavement and caught fire. The car was quickly extinguished, and all those present in the cabin were hospitalized, but the doctors could not save the life of a 35-year-old medical assistant - she died on the operating table.

Currently, a 29-year-old ambulance driver, a 60-year-old medical network and a 44-year-old patient, as well as a passenger car remain in the hospital.



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Location: Tambov, Tambov Oblast, Russia