Thief snatches phone and assaults victim

Moscow Metro police detained a 27-year-old and a 28-year-old male visitor on suspicion of robbing and stealing a mobile phone.

A 47-year-old visitor turned to the police with a statement. According to him, an unknown man openly stole his mobile phone from him at "Tekstilshchiki" subway station, after which he hit his face and body several times and fled. The material damage amounted to 25 thousand rubles.

As a result of search actions, police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow found and detained the suspects. It was found out that the attackers subsequently sold the stolen mobile phone in one of Moscow's shopping centres.

The Investigation Department initiated criminal proceedings on the grounds of an offense under article 161 of the Criminal Code, "Robbery". In respect of the suspects, a preventive measure in the form of detention was selected.

Police officers are currently taking steps to identify additional episodes of illegal activity by detainees.

Happened Feb 7, Russia



By: plakka (2324.20)

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