Screw toiletpaper - Stock-up on Weed!

These are some of the lines that formed for the "coffeeshops", or legalized marijuana outlets in Groningen, the Netherlands, after the government announced that all bars, restaurants and coffeeshops had to close their doors at 6 o'clock on Sunday 15th of March because of the Corona virus.
This left all day for desperate shoppers to fill up their stashboxes and caused long delays.
The maximum for one customer to buy is 5 gram. And the amount that the shops are allowed to have on stock is also severly limited, so probably not all those waiting in line will eventually get served.

These are desperate times people. Spare a moment or two for those poor suckers that are dependant on some kind of substance. ;)


By: ZZZzzzap (4621.28)

Tags: panic buying, corona, lockdown, weed, no more weed

Location: Groningen, The Netherlands