An ambulance bounced after a collision with an SUV

Four people were injured in a serious accident involving an ambulance in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan. Spectacular shots worthy of a Hollywood movie were shot by the registrar's camera.

The accident occurred at about 17:25 on June 30 in Satpayev. The reanimobile with the flashing lights turned on drove to the intersection of Abay and Erden streets at a red traffic signal. At this moment, a silver Toyota Highlander crashed into his side, the owner of which did not have time to slow down before an unexpected obstacle.

The blow was so strong that the ambulance pulled off the ground, rolled onto the roof, and then collapsed on its side. After slipping about 10 meters on the asphalt, she stopped a few centimeters from the author’s car.

Injured passenger SUV, ambulance driver and two paramedics.



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