Fatal Crash of RV Flying onto a Ferry Boat

A terrifying video taken from a Cell Phone and from the surveillance cameras of the MV Jos-Deschênes II, which shows the violence of the fatal collision between a RV and the ferry that occurred on Monday. The driver who died Monday in the spectacular crash on the ferry Tadoussac loved his VR so much that he called her "baby" and took a jealous care. The family of Eric Belec, 40, are convinced that the tragedy was caused by a sudden mechanical break, not by a maintenance problem.

The Lavallois had recently changed the brakes and spent many hours working on his mastodon, to make it as comfortable and safe as possible, according to many loved ones. His girlfriend that was in the VR is in a critical condition.


Por: Cortard Delusion (429.40)

Etiqueta: Tadoussaccrash, VRcrash, WTF, Vehicles, Accident

Lugar: Tadoussac, QC, Canada