Kitten rescued after falling into metal pipe on building site in Thailand

A hapless kitten was rescued after getting stuck inside a square metal girder on a building site.

Housewife Nong Phen, 40, heard moggy's voice crying for help from around her house in Bangkok, central Thailand, on Tuesday evening (Feb 25).

She realised that one of her kittens had scampered away and fell down in the steel pipe planted in the ground where building work was being carried out next door.

Nong Phen later called the rescue team to get the poor moggy out. She said: "I heard the cat's weary voice from somewhere in my house.

"When I stepped onto the construction site, I was sure that the kitten was inside the post. I called for help because I could not reach her by myself."

The volunteers rushed to the scene with cutting gear and spent more than thirty minutes to rescue the feline.

Footage shows how sparks were flying as they used metal cutters to make a small opening at the bottom on the pipe to reach in and get the cat.

One of the team, Maha, said: "The cat was screaming out loud all the time while we were helping her. It was like she wanted us to save her life as soon as possible."

The moggy was finally taken out of the pipe with her eyes full of tears. The rescue workers took the kitten back to owner Nong Phen and the mother cat.

Maha added: "The little cat appeared she was crying after knowing she was stuck in the pole. We were pleased that we saved one's life and hoped the kitty would not cry again."


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