Family Upset After Officers Shoot Couple During Wild Chase

Local 24 News spoke exclusively to the family members of a woman and a man shot and killed by West Memphis Police.

Friday, a grand jury decided no charges will be filed in the officer-involved shooting that killed Megan Rivera and De'Angelo Brown. Rivera's sister, Gloria Campos says the officers involved used excessive force.

West Memphis Police Department released dash cam video Friday that shows the final minutes of Rivera and Brown's lives. West Memphis Police say the two were in a stolen car and Rivera, the driver, did not follow police orders.

"Seeing what I saw I was distraught, I screamed at the screen. I started crying and I heard he gun shots and I screamed so loud," Campos said emotionally.

Campos saw the video of her sister online, which shows Rivera running over a West Memphis Police Officer. Campos says she still gets chills watching it.

"I think that she was already gone by that point, I believe that the car was in drive, she was shot, and it went forward," Campos explained.

She says while this is no excuse, her sister suffered from emotional disabilities and childhood trauma. Campos says that led to her sister making some bad decisions.

"If you could imagine, watching your dad try to kill your family and then he dies and that trauma is never dealt with, you die a little," Campos said. "Her childhood pain led to her trying to figure out ways to her numbing her pain."

"They could have done something else, taking a life is a big deal, whether it's my sisters or her boyfriend family their brother their cousin their nephew they could have chosen another way," Campos said.

Meanwhile, D'angelo Brown's sister, Tierra Clyburn, described what went through her mind when she got the news.

“Just hurt, anger, disbelief," she said. "I just – I would never imagine something like this would happen.”
Brown's brother, Lemarutius Clyburn, believes officers should have done something to de-escalate the situation.

“They could have took different steps then just opening up fire taking people’s lives when their officers didn’t lose their lives," he said.
“I just don’t understand how a traffic stop end with two people losing their life," Lemarutius said.

And they want to know why police shot their brother even though they say he wasn’t even behind the wheel.

“Another way could have been used. They could have flattened the tires or something," Tierra said. "Why just go killing them like that? My brother was just a passenger in the vehicle – he wasn’t even the driver. We want justice.”

According to investigators, the vehicle the pair were in was stolen from a 72-year-old out of South Carolina. Following the shooting, investigators say they found one firearm and cocaine. A Memphis grand jury declined to press charges against the officers involved.



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