A Happy and safe Easter to all LiveLeakers

My Easter message is going to be slightly different from what might be expecting. First of all, I remarked to someone that there are three times during the year that we all get to start over. They are New Year’s Day, our birthdays and Easter.

Secondly, I thought I would post this small snippet from the 1956 version of “Ben-Hur” which, in my opinion, is far superior to the 2016 remake and which I think nicely underscores a significant aspect of Easter. Moreover, many viewers, both inside and outside “the business”, feel that this part of the film is the most powerful, the chariot race notwithstanding. In particular, it’s the second half of the segment but without the first part, the meaning will be lost.
I hope and yours have a nice Easter, a good week ahead, and that this nightmare we're all going through will come to an end soon.


By: Storm Spotter (1154.60)

Tags: Easter, a new beginning, a time to start over

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