Erdogan Shopping Airplanes in Russia

Turkish president Erdogan took part in the opening of the Russian aviation and space salon MAKS in a form of an official guest, by the side of Russian president Putin. Among airplanes that Turkish president was interested in were new Russian Su-57 fighter jets. Turkey is interested in Russian planes after USA have unilaterally violated F-35 agreement with Turkey. Russians are more then happy to fill in the gap, just like when they offered Turkey their S-400 air defense system after USA refused to sell Turkey Patriot air defense system and even tried to remove Erdogan from power in a failed military coup.

Increasing Turkish alignment away from NATO and EU and toward Russia, China and Iran is major blow to the attempts of the Western Globalists to dominate Middle East and Asia and to surround and lock in Russia. Turkey's geographic position is strategic, as it controls straits between Mediterranean and seas and was the only NATO country that could limit Russian freedom of action in that direction.

The most remarkable thing about this geopolitical tectonic change is that it is all US in making. USA first invited Turkey in to disastrous intervention in Syria and when war in Syria did not went the way USA and their allies were planing, largely thanks to Russia and Iran, USA left Turkey to take all the flak from the blowback, leaving Turkey with no other option then to find accommodation with Russia. And once Turkey reluctantly did that, USA tried to stage government coup in Turkey. But failed. Rumor is, in part because Russian secret services informed Erdogan about the danger. Although that might be just a hearsay.

Picture of Erdogan shopping at the Russian air saloon is evidence of colossal Russian success in Syria, where for very small cost, Russia have obtained results beyond wildest imagination at the moment of intervention. Few remember it now, but US president Obama back then have claimed that Syria is going to be just another Russian Afghanistan. He and his government couldn't have been more wrong.



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