Boeing 747 arriving into scrapyard with an impressive low flypast followed by very short landing

Corsair flew their last 28 years old Boeing 747 reg F-GTUI to Kemble airport for scrapping. It was a sad sight but at the same time a beautiful moment. Corsair is retired its three Boeing 747-400 F-GTUI F-HSUN and F-HSEA one year earlier than planned due to its poor financial situation during crisis. Letting them go will effectively end France's affair with the jumbo jets , as the Paris -Orly based carrier was the last French airline to operate the 747
The retirement will also mark Corsair's transition to an all Airbus fleet.

Interesting fact ! Upon receiving the aircraft, the airline crammed a whopping 582 seats into it. This was the largest number of seats on a single passenger aircraft at the time. In April 2017, the airline announced the introduction of a new cabin and reduced the number of seats to 521


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