Police release video of officer shooting suspected car thief

A police officer last month fired through the open passenger door of a car, striking a suspected car thief at least once as he sat behind the wheel telling the officer to shoot him, according to of the incident released Monday by El Cajon police.
Keith Crenshaw, the unarmed 21-year-old Arizona resident who was shot, remained hospitalized Monday, more than a month after the Feb. 12 shooting, according to El Cajon police.

On Feb. 14, police said Crenshaw was hospitalized in stable condition. Police did not give an update on his condition Monday.

The officer who shot Crenshaw was identified Monday as Brandon Stanley, who was also involved in a non-fatal police shooting in 2014, when he and two other officers fired on a man who fired a pistol at them.

Officer Manuel Sandoval and Officer Rojenah Jabrael, a trainee, were also on scene when Crenshaw was shot last month, though Sandoval and Jabrael did not fire their weapons.

The incident unfolded around 9 a.m. that morning, a Wednesday, after a Phoenix police detective called from Arizona and told an El Cajon dispatcher he’d tracked a stolen car to South Johnson Avenue near Chamberlain Avenue, about a block south of El Cajon Boulevard.

The released Monday tracks closely to how El Cajon police described the shooting in the days after it happened. In three body-worn camera videos, officers are seen parking their patrol SUVs directly in front of and behind the car that’s been reported stolen. Crenshaw is apparently asleep inside.



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