Car gets dragged hundred metres along highway by truck after sudden lane change

A car was dragged along a highway for over a hundred metres after it suddenly changed lane and was hit by an oncoming truck in central China.

The terrifying dashcam video, filmed in the city of Zhengzhou in Henan Province on November 21, shows a car suddenly changing its lane to drive to the front of a truck.

Since the car was in the blind spot of the truck driver, the truck bumped into the car side and pushed it forward for over a hundred metres on the G4 Beijing–Hong Kong–Macau Expressway.

The truck driver did not realise the incident until he felt his vehicle was driving abnormally and stopped on the emergency lane to check.

Fortunately, the family of four in the car were not injured.

The car driver was blamed for the incident and was punished.

The video was provided by local media with permission.


By: NewsFlare (105042.00)

Tags: Vehicles, accidents, car, dragged, hundred metres, by truck

Location: China