Man Lost an Eye Assaulted with a Hammer after He Attack a Pregnant Woman in Montreal.

That day, a dispute broke out between Gauthier, 36, and a couple whose wife was five months pregnant. For some unknown reason, the verbal altercation had degenerated and the insults began to explode on all sides. The pregnant woman and her partner Yan Lafrenière then took refuge in a convenience store, but Gauthier also went there. That's when they came to the shot. Extreme Violence In a surveillance of a rare violence, we can see Gauthier grab the woman, then a customer intervenes to try to separate them. The woman's spouse, a little behind, seized a hammer that was lying on a counter and savagely attacked the attacker. In all, Lafrenière gave Gauthier at least 16 hammers, many of them directly to the head, under the terrified gaze of customers. Both Lafrenière and Gauthier have been charged with assault in this story. Lafrenière was sentenced to two years incarceration a few months ago, but given the pre-trial detention, he is already free. The following images are very violent. They could shock some people. We prefer to warn you. Acquitté Gauthier, meanwhile, was to stand trial Tuesday at the Montreal courthouse for the attack on the pregnant woman. But he instead pleaded guilty to illegal possession of an American fist. He escaped with a $ 150 fine, while the charge of assault was withdrawn. His attacker, who was present at the courthouse, did not seem to have any remorse, however. "I hope he [Gauthier] thinks twice about attacking a pregnant woman," Lafrenière told the Journal. The woman assaulted for her part said to be "a little anxious" in the face of this denouement, and hope never meet Gauthier again.


By: Cortard Delusion (292.20)

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