Rare four-legged chicken discovered in rural Indonesia

A rare four-legged chicken has been discovered in rural Indonesia where it happily lives with an extra set of limbs.

Footage filmed on Saturday (December 7), shows the two-month-old creature in the Taratak village of Agam district, West Sumatra province.

It has two normal legs and an extra set of what appear to be suspended legs that dangle from behind.

The owner, a broiler breeder named Deliusman, said: "At first I thought the baby chick was stepped on and the intestine came out of the rectum. I am very happy and I take care of it specifically by separating it from the other chickens. It is now two-months-old and growing healthy."

According to Deliusman, a few days after finding the chicken he posted a photo of his rare chicken on Facebook. Not long after someone from Batam contacted him to bid 50 million rupiahs (2,850 GBP). Deliusman refused as he considers it a once in a lifetime opportunity to have such a unique chicken.


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