Woman unscathed after car smashes into bus stop, missing her by inches

Surveillance video shows the moment a car smashed through a bus stop on Friday morning, Aug. 23.

Phoenix police say the car was driving in the area of 32nd Street and Van Buren around 9 a.m. when the crash happened.

The driver told officers her brakes went out, causing her to veer and crash into a bus stop. A surveillance camera at a gas station located behind the bus stop captured the moment the car crashed into it. Watch the video from the camera in the player above.

The car veers, crosses oncoming traffic, and collides with the bus stop, narrowly missing Laura Smith in her wheelchair. One person appeared to be hit by the car as it headed through the bus stop shelter and toward the gas pumps.

“Suddenly I hear someone slamming on their brakes swerving over this way towards me,” Smith said. “Headed straight for me, I thought it was gonna take me out. Whew, it didn’t.”

Smith says she looked up, saw the car and froze.



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Location: Phoenix police