Two drivers have GTA-style high-speed road rage crash in a tunnel in China

This is the shocking moment two furious drivers had a GTA-style road rage crash while playing 'cat and mouse' in a tunnel.

The black saloon overtook the white SUV before cutting sharply in front of it in Shanghai, China, on October 13.

Dashcam footage shows how the 4x4 driver retaliated by speeding up, passing the car and deliberately shunting its bumper.

The black saloon skidded in the tunnel and slammed into the wall as it violently scraped the concrete tunnel creating a trail of sparks.

Shocked motorist, Sebastian, was driving behind the aggressive pair when he witnessed the reckless road rage.

Sebastian said: "I was astonished by the amount of rage they had. However, knowing how people drive here it didn't surprise me.

"Overall it was stupid because it's a tunnel that people can get trapped and so many things could have gone wrong."

Sebastian called the police and an ambulance in case the driver was hurt. He then left the scene, afraid to become embroiled in the dispute himself.


By: NewsFlare (98559.00)