Young children beat an unfamiliar woman for making a comment

In the city of Saskatoon, a group of children from 10 to 13 years old strongly pummeled an unfamiliar woman for making a remark - she asked not to throw stones and sticks at the man with the cart.

The incident occurred on Monday, May 20 in a city park. Hearing the requirement not to offend a defenseless person, the children turned their attention to 33-year-old Bonnie Helcrow and attacked her.

The brawl was videotaped by a random witness who was nearby. Later in court, demonstrating the record, he admitted that he was afraid to intervene in the conflict, since he was waiting for permanent citizenship from day to day and for this reason did not want to attract too much attention from law enforcement.

The witness, a middle-aged black man, said that he asked the children to stop the fight, but received in response only: “You are not our dad!”

After the children beat Bonnie Halcrow and fled, the victim turned to doctors with bruises and abrasions, and then to the law enforcement agencies.

The identity of the children, according to the CBC publication , was established for a couple of days, but only one 13-year-old girl would take the rap for all: the rest of the attackers are younger than the age when criminal law is criminalized according to local laws.


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