LAPD officers shoot and kill man with handgun

On May 14, 2020, around 12:43 p.m., Southeast Area patrol officers responded to a radio call of shots fired in the 700 block of W. 123rd Street. The Person Reporting (PR) called on behalf of her neighbor, who stated her son had a gun and was attempting to kill her daughter. Upon arrival, the officers set up containment and made contact with the suspect over the phone. While speaking with the suspect, the officers learned that he was armed with a gun and had fired a round into a door inside the residence. In addition, the suspect was refusing to allow his sister to exit the location.

The suspect eventually exited the location armed with a revolver and an OIS occurred. The suspect was struck by gunfire and succumbed to his injuries at scene.

No officers were injured during the incident and a loaded revolver was recovered at the scene.


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