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On May 19, powerlifting competitions were held in Khabarovsk. One of the participants was an athlete from Blagoveshchensk, Yaroslav Radashkevich, and a misfortune happened to him. During a squatting with a barbell the Annunciation was seriously injured.
As Yaroslav told Amur.Info news agency, the Eurasia Powerlifting Championship was held in Khabarovsk. He performed a squat with a barbell with a small, in fact, for himself weight - 250 kilograms. The plans for the athlete was to sit down with a weight of under 300 kilograms, but everything went wrong.

“I was preparing for these competitions for a very long time and, in principle, I was sure that I would perform well. He didn’t doubt anything, didn’t expect that such a thing could happen. But it happened. It turns out that in two weeks my leg began to hurt badly, in the region of the leg. I thought that my bundle was simply pulled, so I did not pay attention, I just drank painkillers, trained, prepared. I was also advised that, they say, it will pass by itself, heal. I obeyed and went to speak. He came, started with weight in squats, which was very easy to perform in the hall. In theory, I should have sat down much more in competitions. It turns out that in each exercise three approaches are given, including in squats. And I the first two approaches the same weight, starting, could not sit down. In the first and second approaches I squinted a bit, my knees inward, outward, shaken. And after that the pain in the shins intensified. Well, in the third approach came out, I think: sit down so sit down, not so not. The same weight ordered. And when he sat down, something happened that could be seen in the video, ”said Yaroslav Radashkevich.


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