Cheeky sea lion hops onto tourist fishing boat off Mexico for a snack

A cheeky sea lion hitches a lift on the back of a boat, off the coast of Mexico.

The clip, filmed on February 14 while sailing on the Sea of Cortez, shows the moment the sea lion hopped on the back of the fishing boat to steal some lunch from the fishermen.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for the group, the filmer told Newsflare: "I've never had an encounter with any wild animal like this before. My group was literally in shock - all of us - and remained in shock for several hours after that encounter.

"It was more thrilling than catching the 7 foot, 120-pound marlin that was also in the boat!

"This sea lion moments earlier jumped into our boat and emptied our livewell of fish. He returned to make sure he got them all."


By: NewsFlare (68592.00)

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Location: Mexico