Russian Artillery Destroys Ukrainian Village

This video details the total destruction of the village of Pisky in eastern Ukraine. From Sept 2014 to Jan 2015, Pisky was subjected to mass Russia's forces shell fire, forcing the 2,000+ residents to flee & leaving every house and structure damaged. Since 2015 the shelling has continued, with the village now resembling some apocalyptic ghost town. Fighting around the Donetsk city International airport had gone on since May 2014. However, for this video I've highlighted the more intense fighting from Sept 2014 to Jan 2015 which saw much of the heavier shelling, which like Pisky left the airport totally destroyed by Russian artillery. Pisky is one of many Ukrainian villages and hamlets which have been destroyed and abandoned because Russia invaded Ukraine.

Put simply, Russia's 2014 invasion and on-going occupation of eastern Ukraine has brought nothing but death and destruction to the Donbas. Source:


By: Ctrl-X (9750.90)

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Location: Ukraine