Here we can be...

An addition to my home-brewed skydiving-musical-interlude series. The 2020 jump season was both curtailed and lacking in regular jumpers in our neck of the woods...there were few positives, but less traffic in the air upon landing and excellent recording conditions did make up for some of the 'inconveniences'. For this offering I tried numerous tunes before inspiration took of my favourite groups. Anyone familiar with the band will understand the challenges of using their music, which is often a roller-coaster of rhythm and emotion, having nothing to with skydiving. And yet, I think I found a way. I used the second half of an excellent tune, which just happened to be in near-perfect synchronisation with the first four minutes of the imagery. 'Majestic' is how I would describe it. Some excellent views of Quebec City, the St-Lawrence River and the Island of Orleans in the opening sequence. All imagery is mine, except that in which I'm seen. (Merci, Gab!)
Hope you enjoy! (Sorry ...I asked for a modification when there wasn't a need for one.)


By: widerstand (1418.04)

Tags: Liveleakers, Entertainment, Music, Skydive, Parachute, Quebec City,

Location: Pintendre, Lévis, Québec