6Nov19 Soylent Green New Deal: Newest Eco-Propaganda (Full Show)

*00:14:10 Alarmists bring back “overpopulation”. A look back at how it began, how it started China’s one-child policy, the lies, false prophecies & failed models of “climate scientists”

*00:32:07 Liberal women who hate children & demand YOU not have any

*00:42:27 Fit entire world’s population in Texas? How about a handful of giant SmartCities?

*00:56:28 ABC (Always Betting on Clintons) - spins their Epstein coverup

*01:14:10 Internal Passports about to roll out USA

*01:26:55 Police blow out woman’s eye with pepper spray; another fights arrest for medical marijuana & wins

*01:33:31 Was slaughter of innocent mothers & their young children tied to NXIVM sex cult?

*01:46:48 John Rappoport, NoMoreFakeNews.com, joins to explain 5 horrible things Obama did that corporate media & political establishment had NO problem with.
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By: The David Knight Show (2745.00)

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