Unexpected moment woman's headphones get caught on gate pulling her to the ground

This is the unexpected moment a woman collected a food delivery but was dragged to the ground when her headphones caught on the gate.

Rung Napha, 31, ordered the dish from Grab while she was at home in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, on May 24. While she walked to the end of her driveway, Rung was on a call with a friend and had the iPhone earphones plugged in as she spoke.

However, after reaching over and paying the courier, the wire was caught on the spokes of an umbrella hanging on the gate.

Rung turned to walk back into the home but was pulled to the ground as the wires remained stuck and the headset stayed in her ears.

CCTV captured the unusual blunder at the family home.

Rung said: ''Now I have an excuse to buy wireless headphones. I wasn't hurt in the fall but it was funny when I watched it back.

''I hang the umbrella on the gate every time I come back in from the rain. I didn't ever imagine the headphone wires could get stuck there.''


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Location: Thailand