Ostrich runs wild on street before being caught by police in northern China

An ostrich ran wild on a street before getting caught by police and returned to its owner in northern China.

In the video filmed in Ningxia, an ostrich ran loose on a street. Although the pet did not hurt pedestrians or cause any damage, it seriously affected the normal traffic.

After several searches, the police finally found the ostrich again. In order to prevent the restless animal from escaping again, the police and other citizens surrounded it and finally captured the bird.

The police successfully contacted Mr. Wang, the owner of the ostrich, through the list of farmed animals in the jurisdiction.

Mr. Wang said that when he was out, the cage door might not be closed properly allowing the ostrich to escape.

The video was filmed on November 15 and provided by local media.


By: NewsFlare (98772.00)

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Location: China