Train driver and railway worker accomplice threw half a ton of stolen fuel from moving train

Police have released footage of the operational shooting, which captured the actions of enterprising railway workers who decided to improve their financial situation in an illegal way. The video was published on Monday, October 26, after the criminal case under the article "Theft" was brought to court.

According to law enforcement officials, the train driver and his assistant accepted a favorable "commercial offer" of two unemployed residents of Rzhev.

The essence of the "business plan" was that railway workers save fuel on the locomotive entrusted to them, then pump it into canisters and on the move dump accomplices in a pre-arranged place.

The participants of the criminal enterprise were unpleasantly surprised when it turned out that in the same place they were already waiting for operatives. The men, who came to pick up the canisters of fuel, were taken red-handed, and the driver and assistant were detained after arriving at their destination.


By: skybluejack (3216.70)

Tags: train, fuel, robbery, wtf

Location: Rzhev