Iranian Mullahs in the Mirror of History

By ending more than 6 weeks of a devastating flood that hit 2/3 of Iran’s cities and villages, still, the Iranian Government is inactive. There have been three rounds of flood strikes hitting on the Iranian Cities. Still not any real action to relieve the people’s hardship by Ayatollah Ali, Khamenei, the Supreme Leader except a few words about these tragedies. After days of silence, the mullahs’ supreme leader showed up to speak and to respond to the US administration’s decision to end all Iran oil sanctions waivers. Khamenei attempted to save his face in order to salvage his terrified and hopeless allies following Washington’s recent announcement, the regime would export as much oil as it needs! “What they are trying to do for the issue of oil will not get them anywhere. We can export our oil as much as we need, as much as is necessary, as much as we decide ourselves. Now, they think (referring to the US Administration) that they can prevent us,” He said on Wed. April 24, during a meeting with a group of government employees. The latest news indicates that the conditions show further advancing into previously flooded areas. As an increasing number of Iranian companies and manufacturers go bankrupt or have slowed production as a result of inflation and corruption, a high number of workers go unpaid or are completely put aside.
Hedayatollah Khademi, a member of the parliament severely criticized the dire state of the economy and the people’s living conditions in July.
“You have made the Iranian people are miserable. You have taken away their respect and confidence. They do not know what to do due to poverty and desperation. They have resorted to selling their organs, including their kidneys due to poverty. Look what you have done to a country that makes up one percent of the global population, but has eight percent of the world’s natural resources,” he had said last July.
The recent floods have only added to the problems with at least 500,000 internally displaced, according to the European Commission.
Iranians are extremely angry and say that the regime has done nothing to ease their problems during and after the floods that ravaged almost all of Iran’s provinces.

Khamenei then resorted to his empty bullying against the US by saying: “They are resorting to their usual enmity. They must know that this hostility will not go unanswered. They will see the answer to their animosity,” he threatened.
While the entire apparatus under Khamenei’s authority, including the terrorist-designated Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), and the regular army facing people’s anger and hatred due to their inaction and not providing relief for the flood-stricken people, Khamenei tried to highjack all the public-provided aid and relief in his regime’s name.
“During these floods and the resulting natural disaster, despite the lack of any pre-suggestions and invitations, people rushed to the aid of the flood-hit areas. The youth from across the country came and showed their solidarity and sympathy in a national effort to help others and this shows a bright future for the country,” the regime leader said.
He also expressed fear and concern about the explosive conditions of Iran’s working class on the eve of May Day.
“The enemy has relied on all measures available to create chaos, including on the issue of labor and workers. Even more than any other sectors,” Khamenei said with concern.
The mullahs’ supreme leader tried to pose as an opponent of corruption in the regime at a time when according to Iran News Wire quoting the US Embassy says Khamenei’s wealth worth $200 billion. In a statement posted on its Facebook page today, the US embassy in Iraq, said that financial corruption runs rampant from top to bottom in the Iranian regime.
According to a Reuters investigative, report in 2013, Khamenei was considered the wealthiest mullah, and one of the wealthiest people on Earth, with over $95 billion assets.

Iran Protests,
Iranians hold at least 6 protests over the weekend in Tehran, Qom, and Karaj.
Iranian employees, workers, and people with disabilities gathered on Sunday in Tehran, Ahvaz, Qom, and Karaj cities in protest to their economic woes in Iran. A group of poultry employees from all over the country came to the capital Tehran gathered outside the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad protest to the high prices of chicken.
There are many reasons behind the increase in meat and chicken prices. One of the reasons is the increase in the trafficking of livestock in neighboring countries carried out by those affiliated with the regime and the Revolutionary Guards Corps.
The protesters chanted: “Incompetent Minister, must resign”
Resistance Units,
Members of “Resistance Units,” a network associated directly to the Iranian opposition group People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), are reporting specific targeting of bases affiliated to the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) – recently designated by the U.S. State Department as a “Foreign Terrorist The organization” (FTO).
In Tehran, Resistance Units set fire to the entrance of an IRGC Basij base.
The Resistance units play a very important role currently in breaking the heavy atmosphere of the crackdown.
Numerous teams, forming a huge network, are now in direct contact with Iranian society.
By organizing and leading the Iranian uprising in an effective manner, resistance units are injecting new life in the society and protesters on the streets.


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