Noodle bar in northern China explodes injuring two and damaging vehicles

A noodle bar in northern China's Harbin exploded, injuring two people and damaging several vehicles.

The dramatic CCTV video shows a huge ball of fire suddenly bursting out of a restaurant on Anshun street, knocking down the scooters parked on the opposite side of the road and breaking car windows.

Firefighters and police arrived on-site and the injured people were sent to hospital.

Since the restaurant was just opened, there was only one owner present and she suffered serious injuries.

The ceiling of the restaurant collapsed soon after the explosion, causing an elderly man to fall through and get injured.

According to reports, the explosion was suspected to be caused by gas.

Several vehicles on the side of the road were damaged and the glass windows in the nearby residential buildings were shattered. The case is being investigated.


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Location: China