SCTV Monster Chiller Horror Theatre: The House of Cats

Been nostalgic lately with late night TV & Radio. Late night TV was loaded with horror series back in the 70's like Night Stalker, Night Gallery along with reruns of the Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone. Also on during this time was SCTV. Not on until 1:00 AM (after SNL) was usually a struggle to stay up and watch but was usually worth the effort. One of my favorite 'reoccurring..' segments on the show were the Count Floyd horror movie review bits. Thought appropriate for LL for it features horror, cheesy comedy & cats. 3-D glasses optional ;D! Have a good weekend LLer's!


Por: Greg Nester (1979.80)

Etiqueta: SCTV, Monster Chiller Horror Theatre, Cats, Count Floyd

Lugar: Canada