Hiker has two leeches removed from his eye in the Philippines

This is the gruesome moment a hiker had two leeches removed from his eye.

Marvin Manansala had been climbing Mount Isarog in Camarines Sur, the Philippines when one of his friends noticed that his right eye had become sore and red.

The group reached the village at the foot of the mountain, were his friends looked at his eye and found that there were two green leeches sucking blood from his eyeballs.

Marvin’s friends, Lansoy Eyra and Emerson Madrigalejo took some cotton buds to lure them out and picked it out using tweezers.

Their other friend, Daisy Soria, said Marvin was fine after removing the parasites and immediately took a bath after the incident on July 22 last year.

She said: "We asked him to visit a clinic but he said he was fine. We believed him and we all went to bed after the tiring day."

Leeches are a familiar sight in the country's forests. There are several parasitic mountain leeches in the country usually found in wet terrains.



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Location: Philippines