Bus with passengers stuck in traffic while on the trains tracks is hit by a train

Footage appeared on the web, capturing the moment of a terrible accident in Kazakhstan, where the train rammed a bus on the evening of Sunday, September 15.

According to local media , the incident occurred in the Almaty region on the railway section Aksengir-Chemolgan at the place where the road crosses the Yekaterinburg-Alma-Ata highway.

Judging by the video, a traffic jam formed in the crossing area. The bus driver drove on the road, where he stopped, because there were cars in front of him and there was simply nowhere to go.

Eyewitnesses claim that passengers remained in the passenger compartment until the last and did not even try to leave it until the train arrived.

According to preliminary information, at least two people died as a result of the emergency, and nine more received injuries of varying severity.



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Location: Kazakhstan