Mother and frightened daughter emerge from car wreckage after being hit by pickup truck in Thailand

A mother and her seven-year-old daughter were lucky to survive after a pickup truck lost control smashed into their car as they drove to school.

Hospital nurse Sirinapha Channuan, 32, was taking her daughter to classes on July 13 when their white sedan car was hit by the vehicle in Chaiyaphum, north eastern Thailand.

CCTV footage shows a sedan waiting at the intersection when a speeding car veered off the narrow country road and collided with them.

The frightened schoolgirl was seen scrambling from the wrecked car before a woman followed her out a few moments later.

Sirinapha consoled the sobbing girl while she called for help as she was looking for a mobile phone in the car.

The pickup driver, identified as Chan Rakngam, 43, climbed out of the wreckage of his car. He told locals at the scene that he was heading to a neighboring province when it happened.

He reportedly lost control of the pickup truck before crashing into the mother's vehicle then hitting a sign post and flipping his vehicle upside-down into a nearby pond.

The mother's right ear was injured and her child suffered a busted lip while the truck driver was only slightly scratched.

Police Major Chatchai Pilatham from the Khonsawan police station said the pickup driver might have dozed off while driving to Nakhon Ratchasima.

He added that the suspect will be charged with reckless driving and pay for all injuries and damages incurred.


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