Arrests and tensions as police supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters clash on Brooklyn Bridge

As a law enforcement supporter and religious group demonstration prepared to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, counter-protesters approached from the opposite side to engage with the pro-cop marchers on Wednesday (July 15).

Police politely asked the pro-cop marchers to stop and immediately arrested all counter-protesters on the bridge. The police also told reporters to leave the bridge unless they want their press credentials revoked.

About 40 counter-protesters were arrested and reports came through of officers injured with minor facial lacerations.
When the march arrived at City Hall, a preacher can be heard declaring, "this is not a police rally, this is a church rally," as people with SBA banners and police union flags were present and prominent in the crowd.

As seen in Gothamist Video, Chief Judith Harrison, the new commander of Brooklyn North spoke at the pro-police rally in uniform: “People tried to stop us on the bridge. Do you know why they didn’t stop us? Because of the power of prayer.” Our video clearly shows NYPD clearing press off the bridge as they move a massive amount of units in riot gear to arrest the protesters on the bridge.

Three officers sustained minor injuries while making the arrests.


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