Drunk fisherman stuck on floating ice

On the afternoon of November 21, a message was received at the Central Fire Station in Blagoveshchensk about an incident on the Zee River. The man who was in danger was noticed by a man, he informed the rescuers about the incident. In the area of ​​the shipyard, a few tens of meters from the shore, the breakaway ice, on which the man was, carried a current.

The rescue operation involved employees of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia for the Amur Region, the State Inspectorate for Combating Emergency Situations, rescuers of the search and rescue squad in Blagoveshchensk and employees of AmurASSO Passenger Port CJSC.

All services immediately arrived at the scene. To save a person, an air-cushion vessel promptly advanced AmurASSO Passenger Port CJSC. The rescue operation was complicated by the ice situation - on the river. See is an active process of ice formation. Rescuers and GIMS employees along the coastline followed in parallel with the ice floe until the arrival of the hovercraft.

In the Amurskaya district, 1, employees of the AmurASSO Passenger Port CJSC removed a man from the ice and delivered him to the shore. Rescuers transferred the victim to an ambulance.

As it turned out, a 30-year-old man was fishing on the river. Zee, went on immature ice. The ice cracked, the man fell into the water, but managed to climb onto a nearby ice floe, which carried a strong current along the river.

The victim was hospitalized in the Amur Regional Clinical Hospital.


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Location: Blagoveshchensk