Dashcam captures moment gas pipe exploded causing huge fire in Thailand

This is the terrifying moment a gas pipe exploded killing three people and injuring 28 others at a factory in Thailand today.

Dashcam footage from a passing car showed the huge orange ball of flames erupted more than 100ft into the sky.

The raging flames from the blast in Samut Prakan province could be seen more than 50 miles away in neighbouring Bangkok.

A 36-year-old disabled woman died at the scene while two pensioners in their eighties died later in hospital. Twenty-eight others were seriously injured.

Pictures show children from a neighbouring school running away in panic as the mushroom-shaped Hiroshima-style plume of smoke soared into the sky. Others were covered in burns and carried away into ambulances.

A puppy was rescued from the carnage, with several burned-out cars and charred buildings left afterwards.

Terrified locals fled from their homes and other building in the area, with at least 20 cars and 10 houses damaged by the blast.

Dozens of fire trucks raced to the scene to bring the fire under control. The fire sent plumes of smoke into the air and they filled the sky on the approaching flight path to the country's Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

Electricity to neighbouring buildings was cut following the blast and the fire, which was brought under control by 4 pm.

Wutthikorn Stithit, senior executive vice president of PTT's gas business unit, said the explosion came from a gas pipe leading to the Asia Industrial Estate Suvarnabhumi.

In a statement, the company said the explosion was caused by a gas leak from one of the pipes. They are investigating the explosion.

Police Major General Yingyos Thepchamnong said the blast had happened opposite a police station.

He said that several dogs were injured in the explosion. He added: ''Two of the victims were in their eighties. They were taken to hospital but could not be saved.

''Police and fire investigators will check the building to find the cause of the explosion.''


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