Man sustains spinal injury while jumping through burning hoop in central India

A performer suffered a critical injury after falling awkwardly on his head while jumping through a burning hoop in central India.

The incident took place on October 8 in Raisen district's Amouda village, Madhya Pradesh.

Visuals show two men holding a ring of fire when another one prepared himself for the stunt.

Identified as Amit Lovanshi, the man runs and successfully jumps through the hoop, however, he lands on his head before falling flat on the ground and lay motionless.

As soon as he fell, others rushed towards him and picked him up.

The graveness of his injury wasn't understood immediately as people though the man was resting after completing the daredevil act.

It was understood a few seconds later when he could not get up even after the villagers tried to lift him up.

Amit was rushed to a hospital in Gauharganj, where doctors stated him to be critical, before being moved to another hospital in Bhopal.

The show was for spectators who had gathered during Dussehra, a major Hindu festival popular in western, central and northern parts of India.



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