Missing pet cats found sheltering in Buddhist spirit house during storm

Two missing pet cats were found sheltering from a rainstorm inside a spirit house.

The two moggies, named Mike and Kyoko, were wandering around the garden when there was a rain downpour in Rayong province, eastern Thailand, on June 15.

Concerned owner, Sri, had been looking for her pets for more than an hour when she found them sheltering in the Buddhist spirit house shrine to stay dry.

Sri took Mike and Kyoko out of the ornamental display and took them back into her home.

She is heard saying in the video: ''Why were you guys staying there? It is raining, come home now my kids."

The majority of Buddhist Thai people keep 'spirit houses' at the entrance to their properties as they believe it provides accommodation for the ghosts of previous occupants of the land, preventing them from taking revenge on the new, human owners.



By: NewsFlare (80367.00)

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