Cops arrest car burglary suspects hiding in home

Overnight, deputies responded to a report of a suspicious U-Haul truck with 3 occupants possibly committing car burglaries in Deltona. The same truck was involved in similar reports out of Brevard County.

A Volusia deputy spotted the truck traveling through Deltona, and it fled from an attempted traffic stop. Air One later spotted the truck in Port Orange, and eventually the three occupants bailed out.

Deputies searched the area, initially without success. A resident in the area denied seeing anyone. However, after she was confronted with Air One footage, she admitted all three suspects were inside the house.

One suspect came outside and was taken into custody without incident. Two others were found inside a bedroom pretending to be asleep, and they were both taken into custody without incident.


By: Juggernaut (20515.40)

Tags: Law Enforcement, Bodycam, car theft suspects arrested

Location: florida