Dashcam - Crazed A**hole blames everyone, except .....

Me: Gaaah, we have to share the roads with imbeciles like this. 87km/h in a 60 zone. I am the uploader. Not the driver.
Dashcam driver's original description:
"Front dash cam footage, shows blue taxi after overtaking me brake checking tailgating white taxi in front, then shows me moving left to get around this guy that keeps tapping his brakes to find a white taxi indicates moves over then changes his mind half way through making me steer to the right however I collected front of a car head on, the taxi driver then takes a left turn as seen in rear dash cam footage and leaves the scene of the accident . .
i would not pay out insurance to blue car on the footpath , the 18 year old owner claims to me he thinks its bent his chassis which is ridiculous and just sounds like he wants to capatalize on a replacement car or something , also he is parked over a footpath, which is illegal, illegally parked , meaning he should not have been parked there"

With any luck the police and insurance company will get a copy of the dashcam idiot's video.


By: charliesavage (406.90)

Tags: Australia, dashcam, idiot, imbecile, moron, self-incriminating

Location: Australia