Lawyers gouging 100's of thousands of dollars in Divorces/Inheritance/Probate cases?

Vietnam Veteran is forced to live in freezing temperatures, no longer has use of his car, lawyer is trying to turn him out of his home, and is trying to take as much of his almost common law wife of over 15 years, and his, $146k joint account. She clearly left him car, house, and cash in will. Should lawyer's fees and hours for shuffling papers be all or so much of a client's assets just for shuffling papers around? Is the lawyer fees and hours a scam to embezzle money utilizing the "legal system"? This has already been sent to NH Atty General and will be used to try and advocate for national legislation to change the feast on us by lawyers. Steal a candy bar from a candy store and we can get jail time, A lawyer can put thousands to millions of client's money and liquidated assets in their pockets. Should the lawyer in this case be hauled away in handcuffs after being arrested?


By: SvenVonErick (1458.52)

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