Trigger Happy Cell Phone Thieves Kill One and Injure Another

G.T: One man was killed and a teenager was shot in a robbery on Oscar França street in Fortaleza, an event that occurred on Tuesday (09-10-2018). The victims were seated on a sidewalk, when the suspects arrived in a car and announced the crime, registered by a security camera.

The victims were on a sidewalk with a cell phone in their hand. The suspects arrived, parked and got out of the car. Armed, they surrendered the people, who did not sketch any kind of reaction. The criminals took the victims' smartphones.

One of the assailants, before fleeing with the cronies, shot several times, striking the man and the teenager, shot in the leg. The two were rescued by the family and transferred to the Maria José Barroso de Oliveira District Hospital, known as Frotinha da Parangaba, but one of them could not resist the injuries.

The Military Police carried out searches, but did not find the suspects.


By: Viking Marauder (1231.30)

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Location: Brazil