Slovak "SWAT" police team known as PPU "Policajny Pohotovostny Utvar" against man armed with knife...

On line 158, shortly after 12:00 noon today, we received a report about an unknown man moving near the embassy on PrepoŇ°tsk√° Street in Bratislava, armed with a cold weapon - with a knife in his hand.

Police patrols were sent to the scene without delay to verify and confirm the authenticity of this announcement on the spot.

Police began communicating with the man and urged him to refrain from his actions, but the man did not respond to these calls.

The man did not give up his actions and at the same time there were two bags with unknown contents near him. Police officers performed the necessary actions at the scene and prevented passers-by from entering the scene of the incident.

Police continued to keep in touch with the man, repeatedly urging him to put down the cold weapon he was constantly holding in his hand, but to no avail. The PPU Bratislava intervention unit was sent to the site. As the man also ignored their calls, he was subjected to official intervention using coercive means.



By: cptVLK (706.00)

Tags: man armed with knife vs swat team, news, Policajny Pohotovostny Utvar

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia