Trump scarfed his croissanwhiches then tweeted out to his red hat minions he’s working on solving his own manufactured trade crisis. Ffs.

Trump the deal breaker, the Allie back stabbed, the depression era puppet master, the pluralist pig with nationalism dripping from his chin like a cream pie. Says he’s trying to solve the problems he’s created since he took office, like rotting silos of agri, declining steel and aluminum jobs as costs escalated, supply chains choked and trade deals from nafta to China to Eu stagnating in fake national security issues and impeachable use of 232.

Donald J. Trump
Important meetings and calls on China Trade Deal, and more, today with my staff. Big progress being made on soooo many different fronts! Our Country has such fantastic potential for future growth and greatness on an even higher level!
7:00 AM · Feb 17, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

We hope the golf is good while we have no trade deals and billions of taxes imposed on businesses across America during your fake national emmergency. There are memes, feel free.

poll: Trump trying to make a deal after breaking a deal seems futile

I dunno, but seriously terrified
No, makes perfect sense, that will teach you all from voting republican
Well yes, a complete wasted exercise in trumps con game


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