Dashcam shows horror truck pile-up on Sydney’s M7

The moment a truck smashed into the back of another in a Sydney pile-up that left six people injured has been captured in extraordinary dashcam footage.

NSW Police released footage of the smash that brought traffic in Sydney’s west to a standstill on Monday afternoon.

The crash took place on the Western Sydney M7 motorway at Horsley Park just after 3pm, with a NSW Police officer among six men injured in the incident.

The footage shows one truck coming slowly to a stop after a highway patrol officer had pulled a sedan over in a traffic stop.

Two vehicles appear to have stopped beside the police, blocking the left lane.

With the dashcam switched on, one truck can be seen approaching, but the truck behind shows no signs of slowing down.

The front truck can be seen being shunted into a car in front of it. It then slams into the police car and the vehicle which had been pulled over.

“Police have been told the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command officer was standing next to his car after conducting a traffic stop when he and his vehicle were struck during a collision between four other vehicles,” police said in a statement.

The officer, aged in his 40s, suffered back minor injuries and was taken to Westmead Hospital.

Another five men suffered minor injuries and were also taken to hospitals for treatment and mandatory testing.

Officers from Traffic and Highway Patrol Command are investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash.


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