Don't go for a walk in Vostok village

" Easterners are waiting for professional help in resolving the situation with a Siberian terrorist-tiger. If the predator cannot be scared off, he will be caught to find out the reasons for unusual behavior.

The situation with the increasing number of Amur tigers was discussed the day before by the Department of Hunting Supervision of the Primorsky Krai. During the meeting, it was noted that in recent weeks the residents of the settlement repeatedly reported the presence of a predator in the settlement, supported by photos and video evidence. In particular, the predator was observed several times by surveillance cameras installed in the timber warehouse.

The experts recognized the tiger's behavior as non-standard, which may indicate the presence of an injury or disease. In order to ensure the safety of the population, residents are advised not to release farm animals for free grazing and tie up dogs in order not to provoke an attack by a predator," said Dmitry Pankratov, director of the Department for Protection, Control

"Based on the information we have, this is a young male at the age of about two years. We assume that the tiger who lived in the vicinity of this settlement, brought offspring, and now, most likely, we are dealing with her offspring.

"Vesti" repeatedly reported about the fear in which the tiger kept the residents of the village of Vostok and its environs. It was not afraid of heavy vehicles, signals or bright lights, attacked dogs and wandered around the school.

Happened in Vostok, Krasnoarmeisky district, Russia


By: plakka (1986.80)

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