Mass Residents can get Ex-Parte Lifetime Restraining orders against ANYONE ANYWHERE for Permanent Gun Confiscation

If you are a Democrat Resident of the State of Massachusetts, you can make up whatever you want about a conservative living anywhere in the US, get a restraining order Ex-Parte sending notification to any address you want where the subject of your using officials to harass someone. You need not give their correct address until it is time to serve the Lifetime Restraining order where their Pistol Permit, FID Card, and all their firearms and ammunition is permanently confiscated, no compensation, they'll have to notify police anytime they go anywhere, or do anything, and their property won't ever be returned, or compensated for, ever. My father met a woman who was living with 3 kids on welfare in her parents basement in 1982. My father went out drinking and brought "it" home. I was doing my college and high school homework 1 AM when I first met my father's future 2nd wife. Days later, she told me that I needed to never park in the driveway and that I should look for another place to live as my room was needed for her kids. The woman told me that my father never liked me, and if I wanted to be kicked out and disowned and allowed to finish high school before she had me kicked out, I had to do whatever she told me to do. I took a $20 bill out of my wallet, and said although I had the money for her services, I didn't want any of her skanky parts anywhere near me and if I knew she used any of our plates or silverware I would not eat off it, even if washed. After that, whenever my father or his fiance, later his 2nd wife, found out I had a job, the owner or manager was promptly called threatened with IRS problems and I was then fired. My father was the Monsanto version of the CIA. Anywhere I lived, the landlord or person I was living with was called and I put out. Just before exams in college as a teenager at STCC, campus security came got me, brought me to the Dean said that family had called and said I was armed, dangerous, and had radical ideas and that the FBI would be called if I tried to re-apply or went on ANY college campus nationwide. I had broken no laws. A police officer friend says he has documents that 100s of thousands of US Taxpayer funds have been used to have Homeland Security shadow me, and I can recall 4 plain clothes detectives in Connecticut who were on Homeland Security Detail, allegedly at $500 per hour each would watch me as I shopped for plumbing supplies at a big box store, and followed me around wherever I went for weeks at a time, with a local police cruiser, or State Police Officer sitting outside wherever I slept, worked, or went until I was fired, a woman broke up with me, or whomever I was living with, or rented from, turned me out. I have been blacklisted in the court system for being a conservative. In Vermont, I brought a small claims case against a car dealer for work done on my car. 3 Judges refused to sit on the case. The court clerk outside of Brattleboro VT said, "Judges don't like you, they can only sit on a case with you if someone else is going after you criminally, or civilly." So the court had to have a lawyer sit in on my small claims case as a judge. The court refused for 3 months to give me an answer on the case, and when I called 3 months later, I was told, "You Lost". You too, can get the same crappy "Justice" in the US. Those who have influence with the Democratic Party can steer any court case, judge, or law enforcement investigation. For 38 years, I am an example of what BS the US "Justice System" is. For 38 years I have considered leaving the US, permanently. I have been hiding from my father and his wife my entire life, wanting some semblance of having a life, and I should have been the one to get a lifetime restraining order against both of them. Both have had ongoing lifetime mental health issues, treatment, and take medications for their cocktail of mental illnesses. I have never been diagnosed with any mental issues and have never taken any depression or mental illness medications, ever. Should I never be allowed on a dating site, ever to own firearms, to have a job, a place to live, and be denied a driver's license, being able to take a bus, plane, or train for the rest of my life because of the false accusations of a mentally ill Lib? I work in Massachusetts, so it means I am being denied employment, right now. I have broken no laws, but that doesn't matter. The "Plaintiff" in my matter has never had any legitimate fear of me ever. It is the other way around. For 38 years I have done all I can to avoid any sightings or contact with her.

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By: SvenVonErick (1779.12)

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